Rain and stormy weather in Rochester, NY can get you wet, even when you are in your home. Sometimes, the roof, walls and foundations meant to protect us from outer nature weather give in and cause storm and water damage. It usually happens when we don’t expect it, or when we need it the most – for example during a storm or just very rainy weather.


During recent rain storms, we received loads of phone calls. Callers were so frustrated. We had two emergency teams working around the clock, helping people whose homes were affected by the rains and suffered water damage. The results were varied – some just had some water in the attic, and some only had a carpet slightly damp. However, not everyone’s luck was that good.

Some roofs gave in, letting water flow from top to bottom. Entire homes were wet on the inside. Carpets got drenched, floors were covered with water, and walls were damp on the surface and beneath it. Entire homes could have been lost, with water damage making them completely uninhabitable.


You’d think that having a home flooded was enough, but it isn’t. Water damage goes far beyond the time that the water is flowing. Rain damage has a long term effect on a house if not treated thoroughly, professionally and quickly. The water damage you see right after the rain (or even during) is only the beginning.

Within hours, your home will absorb some of the water. Water damages carpets, floors, walls, drywalls, stairs, and furniture and of course any electricity wires or electrical appliances standing in the water’s way.

If left untreated for more than a day, things get even worse. What was once only water damage, requiring water extraction and some fixing, now becomes an even bigger problem. Mold will start growing thanks to humidity and supporting conditions. The wetness spreads deeper in to the places it can, causing mold growth in those hidden places as well. Standing water becomes stagnant water, now acting as a health hazard for all residents.


If your home has been affected by rain damage, the roof leaked or your basement got flooded, not all is lost. Although the results of water damage can be really bad, you can reverse the effects in no time if you just handle it fast enough. The sooner you get water damage restoration professionals to help you get rid of the water and other water damage results, the better off you will be.

If you just found you have water damage, give us a call. We’ll be there by the end of the day, assisting you with water damage restoration – we’ll extract the water, assess the situation, and fix everything that needs fixing. We’ll restore your carpets and dry the padding. We’ll replace the drywall in places affected by water. We’ll make sure no hidden water stays in your property, causing more damage down the road. If needed, we’ll also send mold samples to a lab test to see if more remediation is needed.

Above all else, we’ll make sure you feel safe and sound. We’re experienced in numerous types of water damage, we have professional technicians with vast knowledge, and we have the best equipment the industry has to offer. Flood Damage Pro is also insured, certified and licensed. When we take care of your home, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

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