Attic Mold Remediation Costs

Attic mold

attic mold removal cost

Attic spaces are prime real estate for mold. Condensation and roof leaks can introduce moisture at the top of a structure. After mold starts growing in an attic, the infestation can easily spread along the path of water damage. This results in hidden mold behind walls or inside of HVAC ducts within a matter of days. Below we will help you understand attic mold remediation costs.

At the first sign of moisture in an attic, a property owner should resolve the cause and consider testing for mold. Accurately identifying whether the mold is present, species and extent of an infestation will determine mold remediation in attic cost. Average expenses for remediating attic mold start around $1,800 and range up to $10,000 in Rochester New York and surrounding areas.

Infestation Size

The size of the affected area by mold will determine the extent of cleaning required for remediation. If a leak is caught early, water damage may be confined to only the attic area. This may make cleanup possible for the lower end of the price range, likely between $1,800 and $3,500 dollars.

Few property owners access attic spaces often enough. This could catch water damage before it becomes severe enough to spread down and become apparent on lower levels of the structure. As a result by the time a leak becomes apparent, mold has already had a chance to flourish in the attic and may have spread to other building materials. Large leaks may result in damage that can cost up to $10,000 to fix.

Ease of Access

Visible mold is easier to reach than mold growing behind walls so for this reason, infestations that are not difficult to access may cost less to clean than more challenging problems. In addition to labor costs, it’s important to factor in whether building materials will need to be torn out and replaced to eliminate all of the mold.

However when insulation becomes damp enough to allow mold growth, it will have to be replaced. It can be difficult to ensure that porous building materials and contents are completely clean, disinfected, and free of spores.


Mold cleaning may take hours, days, or weeks depending on the extent of an infestation. The duration of cleanup accounts for a significant portion of mold remediation in attic cost. Cleanup professionals must eliminate the root structure and hyphae. Simply disinfecting or wiping down surfaces with cleaning solutions may not be enough to prevent a problem from recurring.


Areas that are wet should be dried and keep relative indoor humidity levels in between 40% to 60%. A combination of moisture and food sources must be present for mold spores to settle and multiply. If a leak supplies moisture, and organic material is present it supplies fungus with sufficient nutriment to thrive.


In addition to fixing leaks, drying the affected area, and lowering humidity levels, mold restoration experts may also apply antifungal treatments but they also could replace components with building supplies resistant to mold growth. Cleaning or replacing materials and contents may introduce additional expenses. It is a good idea to check your insurance policy, because mold may not be included.  An endorsement or rider may be necessary to cover remediation costs.


Property owners should inspect the condition of a roof after major storms, looking for missing shingles or other signs of damage. It is also important to monitor attic temperatures, use insulation and ventilation to avoid condensation. Seasonal issues such as ice damming, which damages roofing materials but during sunny weather can encourage fungal growth if any moisture is present.

An environmental hygienist or professional mold tester may point out conditions that call for specialized treatment. This could be containment strategies for toxigenic mold. Property owners should aim to eliminate every trace of mold to prevent spores from re-entering the active growth cycle and spreading. Get an attic mold remediation costs estimate from Craftsman Home Remodeling today.

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