Mold Contaminated Duct Work

Mold & bacteria Growth in The Duct Work System Rochester, NY


Since your duct work is essentially the “lungs” of your home, you need to make sure it is kept clean of as many airborne hazards and pollutants as possible. Any kind of harmful pollutant in your duct work will inevitably get carried throughout the air in your home. This includes mold contaminated duct work in your home. Exposure to mold from your within your duct work can create some very unhealthy conditions for you and your family. If you believe there might be a mold problem in your air ducts, it is very important to have the duct work checked out and have any contaminants removed.


Molds and fungi can be found virtually anywhere where excessive moisture accumulates indoors. This problem can be even worse when there is excessive moisture in the home over an extended period of time. When a organic surface or organic material in your home is holding moisture and mold spores from anywhere land on it, mold contamination in your duct begins to grow. As long as the source of moisture is present the mold will continue to grow on the organic surface, whether it’s in your drywall, wood beams, or even in your duct system. The problem will continue to expand until the source of moisture is eliminated and the mold is properly remediated.


Your duct work is the system in the home which distributes fresh air throughout the home to keep it comfortable year-round. When mold begins to grow and has contaminated the duct work, vents, or registers, the mold spores begin to quickly be spread throughout the home.

The spreading of the mold spores throughout the air in your home can cause the infiltration of mold to show up in other places where there is moisture present and can cause respiratory allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to mold. The reaction that many people experience from a mold allergy can be similar to seasonal allergies.


If you have mold in the duct system in your home it is important to have the air ducts thoroughly cleaned and remediated by a professional duct cleaning company. They will use a HEPA Vac and a HEPA Air Sweeper to properly clean your duct work of all major contaminants.

After the ductwork is cleaned your duct cleaning company may offer you a duct coating service to prevent future spreading of mold. The ducts can be coated with an anti-microbial coating which protects the spread of mold and odor causing bacteria on the interior surface of your HVAC duct system.

If you are concerned about mold contamination in your duct , or want to have a duct cleaning or duct coating service in your home call your local professional duct cleaning company Craftsman Home Remodeling and ask them about what options are available to you and your home.

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